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  • ¿Does your Country (or your region) need to develop biodiversity or biosafety related national or regional websites, that show all the related information, and hence promoting  public participation and awareness?
  • Does your Institution, Enterprise or Organization want to be able to automatically visualize any information that is currently available at the Biosafety Clearing House(contacts, countries laws and decisions, risk analysis, LMO details and  much more), in its existing or planned websites or portals? Would you like to do that with a minimum effort and no risks about the consistency of information made public?
  • If you are related to academic or research institutions, would you like that your website could automaticallyvisualize the most up-to-date and official information about LMOs, environmental impact risk analysis,o LMO- related publications?
  • Qualisys® offers design, development and/or adaptation services for national, regional or global biosafety-related websties implementation, whether private or public, that automatically, consistently and transparently incorporate any BCH-existing required information.
  • Qualisys® provides Biosafety and Biosafety Clearing House customized training programs, consultancy and related activities mentorship, both on-site and virtual, on-line. Our consultants have deployed dozens of BCH training activities all around the world, and designed and operated BCH virtual learning platform for several years.  

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